Top tips for you on your wedding day


Your wedding day can be stressful, amazing, beautiful, worrying, incredible and fabulous all at the same time. But in order to really appreciate your day, I’ve got a few pointers that you might not have considered.

Stay calm. Worrying about something never solved it, right? So today of all days, if things don’t go according to plan, don’t worry, honestly no-one will notice. If the candles along the pathway haven’t been lit, it doesn’t matter. If you’re a little late sitting for dinner because the photos took too long, it’s not the end of the world. Just stay calm and go with the flow.

Don’t panic if it rains. This is especially pertinent if you’re getting married in the UK. As we all know, it has a tendency to rain, often! But rain won’t stop play at your wedding, your contingency plan will kick in and everyone will have a fab time anyway.

Enjoy yourself. This is the one piece of advice I’ve given to everyone I know who’s got married, be it personal friends, or clients through Silver Fern Events. Brides & Grooms are often so busy trying to get around and talk to all their guests, they very often forget to have fun themselves. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to personally say ‘Hi’ to everyone, they will understand. Make time for a boogie with your girls, a quiet pint with the lads, and especially important, a little time to talk to your new spouse – even if it’s just during your first dance.

Savour every moment. You’ve been planning this day for so long, it’s important to take time to take it all in. All your special people, in one place, JUST FOR YOU! Enjoy the food you chose (because it’s your favourite, not because you think everyone else will love it). Enjoy the DJ because he plays your favourite tunes. Enjoy the way your new husband/wife looks at you! You won’t remember it all, and it will whizz by in superspeed, but savour a few moments for your memory bank.

Hire a wedding planner. If you do this, then most of the above will just happen automatically. A wedding planner might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it will be money well spent if it enables you to relax and enjoy everything you’ve spent so long organising.

Take all these things on board and you’ll have yourself a fantastic day.

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