Wedding planning priorities


You got engaged and now you want to crack on with organising the wedding of your dreams. Where do you start. There are a few key things to sort first and foremost.

Secure your date. Work out what time of year you want to tie the knot, but don’t be too prescriptive with your dates. Try selecting a month, rather than a specific weekend, you might need to give your venue a few options.

Book your venue. If you have a venue in mind already, that’s great. Otherwise, get googling. There are loads of directory sites that can help with venue finding if you know the style, area, type of wedding you want. Make sure you visit the venue and meet the wedding planner there before booking, you need to be sure they can deliver your dream day.

Face the music. If you know a specific band you want, book them. Good bands get booked up well in advance, so to avoid any disappointment, make sure you get in as soon as you have your date.

Snap Happy. Photographers are arguably one of the more expensive outlays for your wedding, but securing a good one is essential. If you’re in doubt about whether it’s worth it, remember that the photos are one of the few physical things you’ll still have after the day has been and gone.

After you’ve secured these key bookings, you can relax for a few months before the rest of the planning starts and you finalise all the fun details.

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